Ohana Architects specializes in space design and consulting, and can help you navigate this personal journey in any of the following areas:


Commercial Design:

Rocky has more than 18 years of experience with some of the most prestigious architectural firms in Honolulu, Nashville and New York City. Rocky has worked on numerous building types and sizes, from restaurants and tenant build-outs in Nashville and Honolulu to new hospitals in Texas and Florida. The experience gained on various project types and sizes across the country has given him a diverse and inclusive view of architecture that is only gained through this national exposure.



New Home Design:

Should a new home be the client’s desire, Rocky will work with the family to design a new home to meet the family’s needs as well as work with the challenges and opportunities inherent in any site. There are many ways to approach the design and construction of a new home, and Rocky will work with a client to design their dream home. Read about our work with New Home Design.



Home addition and/or Renovation:

If a family is wanting to stay in their home but make some changes to it, Rocky will walk through their house with them and discuss conceptual ideas of a potential renovation/addition. He will take this information back to his office and design the addition and/or renovation, providing suggestions for contractors and builders to complete the process. Read about our work with home additions and renovations


Let us help strengthen your family unit.